Touring and Passport Programs

Mission Statement

The Touring Program is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of owning and driving Chevrolets and GMCs, social interaction and fellowship among the members, and increasing awareness of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America in the general public.

For complete information see the Touring Guidelines Manual

The popularity of driving our Chevrolets and GMCs continues to increase in the VCCA. In an effort to support and enhance the experience the VCCA Touring program was developed, and consists of three segments:

  1. Tours
  2. Vehicle Passport
  3. Touring Awards


Driven vehicle tours have been a part of the VCCA since the club was founded in 1961. Find upcoming tours in the Events Calendar.  

In 2003, a Touring Committee was established to develop a program for the recognition of these driven Chevrolets. In 2014, GMCs were added to the program. The first and most important aspect of the program was to offer tours of various types across the country. A number of vehicle or era specific tours had been conducted for many years. This has rapidly expanded offering numerous types of tours.

A key factor of the program permits any VCCA member to be the Tour Master and to plan and conduct a tour.

Vehicle Passport

The concept of using a document to record a vehicles driven VCCA tour miles was developed in 2004. The document was designed to mirror a U.S. Passport. Each vehicle participating in the Touring Program is issued a Passport. It includes a photo of the vehicle, owner information and entry areas to record tour title, date and official tour mileage as indicated by the Tour Master. Unique to the VCCA, all Chevrolets and GMCs to current production are welcome to participate in the program.

For complete information see the Touring Guidelines Manual

Touring Awards

Recognition of the tour driven mileage was the final portion of the program development. Vehicle Awards, similar to the VCCA Class Judging Program were developed in 2007. The design consists of an oval with the likeness of Louis Chevrolet and stacking mileage tabs. A member upon reaching the following milestones may request award recognition:

  • 500 miles – Oval with Louis Chevrolet
  • 1,000 – 2,000 – 5,000 and 10,000 mile stacking tabs

Also unique to this program, Touring Awards may be displayed on the vehicle in addition to Class Judging Awards.

Touring Committee

Dave Cavagnaro - Chairman 908-362-5775
Bill Bradford - Touring Award Coordinator - 281-579-9834
Ken Farley - Member - 540-248-0635 e-mail
Dan O’Day - Member - 408-268-5293
Jim Karras - Member - 714-633-8210
Dean Echols - Board Liaison - 928-710-4325 -

Tour Video

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