The VCCA Judges Manual is intended to help you not only understand the policies of the VCCA in regards to judging, but also to assist you in the preservation and restoration of your vintage Chevrolet.

From here you can begin to understand the judging process of the VCCA.

  • What class should you be in.
  • What are the judges looking for.
  • How can you improve your vehicle from the last judged show.

We hope the following will help you when getting ready for your first nationally judged VCCA show or you are trying to improve your points from a past judged show. Even if you aren't going to have your vehicle judged, maybe we can help you in the restoration process.

The VCCA recognizes all years but only judges 25 years and older.

Judging Questions

If you have questions on VCCA judging, the Judging Manual or the Judging Forms please take a moment to contact National Judging Chairman: Bruce DeFord.

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Judging Resources

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