Forum Advertising

The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America is pleased to offer advertising in select locations on our Discussion Board known as "Chevy Chatter" - Http://

These ads show up between the first and second posting for all threads within a single forum. Typically this is the most visible location for ads to be observed by the greatest number of potential customers.

We only allow advertising which is SPECIFIC to vintage Chevrolet parts and supports our hobby of restoration. There are three templates that can be selected for the format of your advertising content. Each of these are configured to be filled by a graphic image in JPG format.

The standard template formats are:

  • One image: 120 X 600 pixels
  • Two images: 120 X 300 pixels
  • Three images: 120x250 and 120x100 and 120x250

Once you select the format, then you'll be given an FTP location where you can upload your images and they will instantly display in the appropriate Chat Forum. You can change your images as often as you like since the process is completely within your control.

You can select which Forum to post your ad in, but each individual or company is limited to a maximum of three Forums.

All advertising is to be PRIMARILY directed towards products or services that would be of specific interest to owners and restorers of Vintage Chevrolets. In addition, normal measures of decency, honesty and ethical representation are to be observed. The determination of meeting this standard will be at the sole discretion of the presiding President of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America.


A fee of $250 is required at the time of the order for each Forum that is reserved. This displays an ad for ONE YEAR.

(An additional feature is that all Ads may be updated at any time during the contract period by the owner using an automated posting method.)

Each company, or individual is limited to a maximum of three forums at a time.

Renewals will be granted upon receipt of funds meeting the current rate. In the event of non-timely receipt of funds, the specific forum will be released and made available to other vendors.

Contact Member Services for more details.