Chevrolet Drivers Participation Class

Just what is Chevrolet Drivers Participation Class and why was it formed? For quite a few years some of us on the Judging Committee had been attempting to gain recognition for Chevrolets which are not intended by their owners to be show cars and that are described as “Drivers.” We felt that at National Meets this type of vehicle should have a place so they may participate, be recognized and awarded a VCCA oval to place on their vehicle. In 2004, Bill Lutkowski from Middle Village, NY submitted a motion for the VCCA to adopt a Drivers Participation Class leaving the details to be worked out by the Judging Committee. This motion was passed at the 2005 Board Meeting. After several attempts the Board approved the language of the Chevrolet Drivers Participation Class on February 20, 2007.

These vehicles, classified as drivers, must be visually representative of the VCCA’s mission statement of preservation and restoration of vintage Chevrolets/GMCs. Those vehicles which look like a hot rod in the body area, engine area or the other areas of the vehicle will not qualify as a CDPC vehicle. There are accepted upgrades and modifications which will not disqualify the vehicle from obtaining CDPC status which are outlined in the Judging Manual. Yes, this is a subjective form of certification where common sense and an understanding of the VCCA’s mission statement must be applied before recognition and an award is given. Again, this is to recognize Chevrolets and GMCs which are used as tour vehicles, weekend drivers and just your good old vintage Chevrolet or GMC keeper.

To see if your Chevrolet or GMC will qualify for a CDPC award, please look in the Chevrolet Drivers Participation Class portion of the current VCCA Judging Manual. We hope to see a large participation in this area at the upcoming National Meets.

The Judging Manual is available in the members only Resource Center.