VCCA Keystone Region




-         The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) has grown into an organization of over 8,000 members worldwide.

-     VCCA welcomes ALL Chevrolets-vintage to modern, original to restored. Regardless of which Chevy you drive, there is value and fun to be found when you are a member of both VCCA National and the Keystone Region.

-     The Keystone Region of VCCA was founded on February 5, 2005 with 16 Charter Members.

-     The Region is located near the sweetest town on earth, Hershey, PA and currently has 34 members, most of whom are also AACA members.

-     The Keystone Region monthly Newsletter always has good articles on tours, events, maintenance tips and member activities.

-     The Club has monthly Business Meetings where suggestions are solicited to make the Club better and to suggest possible tours and events.

-     Need help on a starting problem with your Chevy? Counsel is available both from Region members and National Technical Assistance Advisors.

-     The VCCA monthly magazine, The GENERATOR AND DISTRIBUTOR, has great articles on all models of Chevrolet vehicles. Definitely a keeper!

-     The Keystone Region hosts an Annual Car Show in September of each year, with over 100 Chevrolets on display, with door prizes, awards and lots of good food and drink.

-     The Keystone Region also hosts an Annual VCCA Picnic during the AACA Fall Meet in Hershey in October. Over 125 National Members of VCCA join us every year after purchasing those rare parts at the Fall Meet.

-     Great people, great cars and we would love to have you join us! Contact any of our Keystone Region Club Officials for more information.


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