Interactive Maps

Samples Maps: After you select a map below, Click the "+" on the map in order to zoom in.
More instructions are further down on this page.

Select Your Map
Ability to zoom in and out for location of all regional areas. Uses the Google mapping capability. Also requires "active-x" so some users may be prompted to temporarily allow this feature for this viewing.
Same as above but includes a Region name list along the right side.

  • Click on Map | Satellite | Hybrid for different map backgrounds.
    Map - Standard map-style view with street and highway names
    Satellite - Background fills in with satellite land views
    Hybrid - Combines the two with map details on top of land views

  • Moving Around - To move to a different location, hold your LEFT mouse button down and "drag" the pointer to the left or right. The map will follow your mouse movement. Then let up on the button and reposition it to a new area and "hold and drag" again.

  • Arrows - These move the map north, south, east or west
    + - This zooms in to a lower level. You can repeat it 13 times.
    - - This moves the view back "out", away from the earth.

  • I have programmed this using I-Frames. If you can't see the map, or can't see the tiny Chev Logos, then you may need to modify a setting in your browser.

    There are two steps to doing this:
    1) Add to your trusted sites.
    Tools/InternetOptions/Security/TrustedSites/Sites/Add   Close

    2) Modify the IFrame setting.
    a) Check "Prompt", or "Enable" at Navigate sub-Frames across different domains.
    b) Note: You might have to also Check "Prompt" at Launching programs and files in an IFRAME, but try it first with just the first one a).

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