I had a wanted ad below for '39-'40 truck running boards. After a few days, I got an email (outside of chat) from Michael Thomas, Crawfordsville , IN. It read as follows "Well, I have a whole lot of parts stashed in the ware-house and it's
time to let them go. Used and brand new. Write me a message on
freemann615aagmailcm including a list of items you're looking to
acquire from the market as well as a good phone number."
I responded with details of the boards and received photos (swiped from eBay) of reproduction smooth boards which he described as NOS. I told him no thanks, I'm looking for original style boards and was not suspicious yet.
A couple of days later I got a phone call from California. The guy said he had what I needed. They were NOS and came from his familys closed Chevy dealership. I asked how he identified them and his reply was "from the number on the box". As far as I know, items as large as this would never have been in a box, so I knew he was a scammer. This got me thinking about the earlier email and I realized it was phony too. I googled Thomas Freeman Crawfordsville Indiana and found a thread on a MOPAR collectors site, exposing him as a scam.
Later yet, I got another email from Peter Pebbles. The wording was exactly the same as the one from Thomas Freeman. There was no place of origin on that email. I did not respond.
WATCH OUT. If you read the email, there are adequate clues to alert you that it is a hoax.
I have had other contacts from previous want ads here. I knew immediately they were scams. I don't want to post my reasons here because I do not want to alert them to their mistakes.



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