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#387097 - 04/05/17 09:41 AM 1956 radio removal
ChevyGuru Offline


Registered: 01/27/02
Posts: 1579
Loc: Medina, Ohio, USA
Is anyone aware of a "Step-by-step" set of instructions or manual posted anywhere? Or is it just one of those "get under there and figure it out" things? Need to remove the stock radio and get it re-done, will be tackling that shortly.
Chevy Guru

Wilwood Engineering1955-1957
#387101 - 04/05/17 09:50 AM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: ChevyGuru]
Chipper Offline

Registered: 11/22/01
Posts: 16549
Loc: The Great State of TEXAS
Been a long time since I removed a shoebox Chevy radio so memory may not be 100%. Seems that all that is required is remove glove box liner, electrical and antenna plugs, rear brace and the nuts around the knob shafts. If you can shimmy into the space and get out that should be the hardest part. Make sure you have an assistant to get wrenches, sockets and light as you will have limited mobility.
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#387103 - 04/05/17 10:00 AM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: Chipper]
Chev Nut Offline

Registered: 01/08/02
Posts: 24824
Loc: West Allis,Wi.
The abve is correct and don't forget the speaker on the right side. I would have the speaker reconed as most have dried out due to old age. On my '57 I also replaced the OZ4 rectifer tube and vibrator with solid state units.

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#387130 - 04/05/17 06:51 PM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: Chev Nut]
ChevyGuru Offline


Registered: 01/27/02
Posts: 1579
Loc: Medina, Ohio, USA
Thanks for all the above, gents. I will get it yanked out. Do we know if Ray H is still doing radio refurbishing? Hadn't thought otherwise about where to send it to.
Chevy Guru

#387132 - 04/05/17 07:30 PM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: ChevyGuru]
AntiqueMechanic Offline

Registered: 12/02/01
Posts: 9633
Loc: Vancouver, WA

Yep!, We are still in business.

Agrin devil
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#387133 - 04/05/17 07:34 PM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: AntiqueMechanic]
John 348/340HP Online


Registered: 12/16/01
Posts: 1991
Loc: Glen Cove, NY/ Ocala FL
Ray just did a great job with the radio in my 60 Impala

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#387183 - 04/06/17 02:42 PM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: John 348/340HP]
ChevyGuru Offline


Registered: 01/27/02
Posts: 1579
Loc: Medina, Ohio, USA
It's out, and in a box. Almost embarrassed that I even asked, it was about 5 minutes and out.

The speaker, on the other hand, was easy enough to disconnect - but maneuvering it out from behind the dash was a real Rubik's Cube - was about ready to torch a hole in the firewall and take it out through the engine compartment! Heater in the way, no room, ugh.

It's a weird looking set up to my eye - looks like a more modern radio, except half the tubes are located over on the speaker, and wires run back and forth.

Chevy Guru

#387184 - 04/06/17 03:19 PM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: ChevyGuru]
Chev Nut Offline

Registered: 01/08/02
Posts: 24824
Loc: West Allis,Wi.
The 1956 was (almost) the last full tube radio. The 1957 was a semi hy-bred with transistors and a lot of problems. They also made a full tube radio in 1957. After having two of the troublsome hy-breds repaired I found a full tube type and it has been great.

Years back a member had a '56. A tube had fallen out of the speaker half and the radio cotinued to work OK.

#387201 - 04/06/17 09:52 PM Re: 1956 radio removal [Re: Chev Nut]
radiofixer Offline
Shade Tree Mechanic

Registered: 07/12/15
Posts: 34
Loc: Shelton WA USA
The part with the speaker is the power supply and amp. The other sec-tion is the rf. The radio will play with just one of the output tubes in the amplifier section.

Upgrading the radio to am fm with aux eliminates the second section. Since it's 12 volt already no extra cost to boost the voltage from 6 with the conversion. 180 watts 4 channel stereo.

Contact me if interested,



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