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Jump to new posts Re: 1929 chevrolet phaeton wood frame phaeton by cabboy @ 47 minutes 14 seconds ago

Hi there, You will not find drawings or schematics for the wood for this. I have not yet seen any drawings including just reference drawings. Hopefully someone has pictures of when they had their car apart and can provide. Best of luck.
General Discussions
I have access to the same Faro 3D scanning tool and a 3D plastic printer at my employer. I have a pet project in mind, but still need to improve my process of going from 3D scanned image to 3D CAD model. My boss has had a custom 3D printed plastic
Jump to new posts Re: 32 Special door handle by Chistech @ Today at 09:03 AM

Make sure the round pin on the end of the lock mechanism is going into the milled slot correctly in the square locking pin. If you had the handles chromed there might be too much chrome in the upper recess where the back of the lock face sits, decrea
Jump to new posts Re: '32 oil pump; vane or gear by Dave39MD @ Today at 09:00 AM

If for some reason it does not work out I have quite a few nors oil pumps. The ones still in boxes are Wohlert brand. On the boxes it shows they replace part number 473730, some 604597. Both show fitting 29-32 and 33,34 Standard. Looks like some are
Jump to new posts 1940 transmission interchangeability question by Survivor40Coupe @ Today at 08:29 AM

I'm experiencing major issues with 2nd gear. Symptoms are major grinding noises and vibration. In order to drive the car I have to avoid 2nd and shift from first to third. My questions are; 1. Besides 1940, what year transnissions will fit my vehic
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Jump to new posts '54 Bel-Air Door Panel/Rear Side Panel Trim by 62BillT @ Today at 08:24 AM

Complete Set of '54 2-Door Bel-Air Interior Door Panel and Rear Side Panel Trim, 16 Pieces Total, $150. Pictures Available. Other '53-'54 Parts Available. Bill 540-297-1200
Jump to new posts Re: 1929 How to Secure Clutch Fork Pin ?? by Junkyard Dog @ Today at 07:39 AM

Yep, things usually are fairly simple when working on these early six cylinder Chevrolets. Many things that you will deal with are actually basic common sense. I learned that when I was working on my car.
Jump to new posts Re: Carter DRJH-08 what's it fit by carbking @ Today at 06:13 AM

Impossible to identify application without knowing which DRJH-08 you have; Carter produced 18 different versions of the DRJH-08. Jon.
Jump to new posts Re: 29 Chevy seat back by Floats @ Today at 01:40 AM

Jump to new posts Re: Upper Steering bushing placement by Junkyard Dog @ Today at 12:03 AM

You can order a new horn button assembly from the Filling Station and it comes with a new "S" wire as part of the assembly, which will replace the "S" wire that you ground away. That way you won't have to compensate when installi
Jump to new posts Re: 33 master dash center piece by mike_lynch @ Yesterday at 09:14 PM

If your familiar with the 33 master dash center panel its pretty cool.. Thin photo-etched brass that has lines etched into it about 3/16" apart. Then painted semi gloss black. At the bottom center area it is painted a nice red. Using deduct
Jump to new posts Re: 1931 Cabriolet dash by Chistech @ Yesterday at 08:45 PM

Yes normally the flag shows at the "My Stuff" header. I got another message so I wonder when I clicked on that one, it acknowledged I received yours .
Jump to new posts Re: Shipping a car by J Franklin @ Yesterday at 07:58 PM

So how tall is a 5.50x17 tire? I run Firestone.
Jump to new posts Re: 1929 Clutch Fork Spring Install by Bare_Feet @ Yesterday at 07:16 PM

I just put the new clips in last month. Actually the Billy Possum clips looked like yours. I only put one in because one of the old clips was in excellent condition (it did look like your old one). I didn't think the new clips were correct, howeve
Radios, Tools, Accessories
Jump to new posts Re: Heater installation in my 1936 truck by 35Mike @ Yesterday at 06:55 PM

The square core has a baffle around it to make it tight in the round housing. It doesn't really rattle, it shakes violently, from side to side, on any road surface that is not really smooth. Mike
Chevy Trucks
Jump to new posts Re: 36 Hi-cab windshield by 35Mike @ Yesterday at 06:51 PM

He is going to have trouble getting the rubber to stay in if he can get it to go in. Those sharp round corners at the bottom will be vey difficult to handle. The rubber is extruded as a straight ribbon and does not like tight bends. If he can get it
Jump to new posts Re: 33 x 4 1/2 tires by Jim_Mead @ Yesterday at 06:45 PM

Opps, You're right......I do agree that tires don't shrink. Manufacturing specs or practices might have varied though....
Jump to new posts Re: 1929 Chevrolet Install Thermostat or NOT by Chipper @ Yesterday at 06:24 PM

Jump to new posts Re: 1929 differential oil capacity by Junkyard Dog @ Yesterday at 06:07 PM

The oil level should be just below the filler hole in the rear cover.
Jump to new posts Pls see '25 or '26 Rad Shell Want Ad.... by Jim_Mead @ Yesterday at 05:55 PM

Please see Wanted Ads for a 1925 or 1926 Aluminum Radiator shell... Thanks! Jim Mead
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Need 1925 or 1926 Alum. Radiator Shell by Jim_Mead @ Yesterday at 04:47 PM

Seriously need 1925 or 1926 Aluminum Radiator Shell. Does not have to be "perfect" by any means. All considered. Thanks, VCCA! Jim Mead Owego, NY (607)725-6833 jgmead@stny.rr.com
Jump to new posts Re: 31 Roadster Windshield Hardware by GMGuyBob @ Yesterday at 04:17 PM

I will keep in touch. I was told today that all parts have been found. I will see if it is true within the week. If I get it all back I am very tempted to see if a local 3D printer can actually reproduce them.
PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: 1936 Master 207 by RodimusMaximus @ Yesterday at 03:25 PM

Motor is still available, open to offers. Will include some of the gaskets, new OEM style plug wires and boots, spark plugs, all purchased from Filling Station.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts WTB: FLEXPLATE FOR 1950 TO 1954 POWERGLIDE by bobg1951chevy @ Yesterday at 01:43 PM

Want flexplate, in good condition, for a 1950 to 1954 PowerGlide. P.M. or email bobg1951chevy@ellijay.com
Jump to new posts Re: 32 Special question by Junkyard Dog @ Yesterday at 12:48 PM

The 1932 Special Sedan had two ashtrays and one vanity case. There was one ashtray in the top center of the instrument panel and it had a "flippy" lid. There was one ash tray on the rear quarters on each side of the rear seat just below t
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