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Jump to new posts 39 Chev headlight harness crossover by Brewskiehunter @ 4 minutes 35 seconds ago

I understand the headlight wire harness crosses over from the driver's lighting terminal block to the passenger side terminal block via the top of radiator. Given the harness has a cloth loom on it, it seems it would be pretty vulnerable to hot coola
Jump to new posts Re: Just bought a 1932 Chevrolet by jgrohio @ 35 minutes 32 seconds ago

My 1930 original seat is a nice goldish color,or so I thought till I look at all the areas that are untouched by sun and wear. Actually was a light blue/gray color.
Jump to new posts Re: front axle stabilizer ? by elsasser7122 @ 54 minutes 4 seconds ago

Yes, I installed one on my 31 sedan and made a big difference. I originally had one that was to large and steered way to hard, I had asked the same question on here you did a while back and was told they only mask the problem, but which is partly tr
Jump to new posts Oil Pump bearings by 672 @ Today at 08:24 AM

I completed total rebuild on my '25 171 four. Rod bearing failed after 20-25 miles while climbing a steep hill. Please share any insight into engine lube system and clearance between rod bearings and crank pins. This system seems problematic. Pump sh
Jump to new posts Re: Over Heating engine 38 by timbeilby @ Today at 07:47 AM

For what it is worth On page 170 of the Chevrolet's 1938 Shop Manual. After reading the shop manual I just replaced my 180 with a 160 as I thought that the 180 was too hot. I was having boil over with the 180.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts 1930 spt coupe - door handle and handle assembly by daves30 @ Today at 07:39 AM

looking for a passenger door handle and spline assembly the door handle fits on (have the door latch) thank you dave
Regional VCCA Meets & Events
Jump to new posts Re: St Albins VA Car Show 9/24 by wisebri @ Yesterday at 11:37 PM

I did not clarify "VA" was not Virginia. It was St. Albins Veterans Administration in N.Y. It's actually 45 miles and the potholes as we near Queens in N.Y. are not not 35 Chevy std. front end friendly.
Jump to new posts Transmission ID by d2d2 @ Yesterday at 08:28 PM

Can anyone help identify a GM 3 speed top shift transmission? Case casting date E 20 6, casting number 590783 Top casting number 590800 Thanks
General Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: Aluminum Cleaner ? by Uncle Ed @ Yesterday at 07:33 PM

Originally Posted By: p.k.Ed: You send them to the grocery store , that's when you do it. Haha, good one!!
Jump to new posts Re: 36 High Speed Diff by m006840 @ Yesterday at 06:24 PM

Charlie have you considered that the environment the cars are now running in are much different than when the engineers designed them? You are correct that they were very smart however they did not have a crystal ball and know the conditions in whic
Jump to new posts Re: '28 Roadster trunk handle by Chipper @ Yesterday at 06:00 PM

My investigation suggests the "L" shaped handle not the "T" shaped one.
Jump to new posts Re: 1928 Tire Rims - need 2 by Chipper @ Yesterday at 05:44 PM

One very IMPORTANT part on a rim is the slot that prevents the rim from rotating. On the Chevrolet rims there is a wheel bolt that fits into a slot. If the rim does not have the slot or it is in the wrong position then the rim might fit but also rota
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: 1928 wheel hub by Beth E. @ Yesterday at 05:32 PM

Thanks for responding Art. I hope your tour to CA went well. I guess after all the folks on the thread thought I should have my mechanic just file the threads out, and I didn't hear about parts, I thought this part must be pretty rare. I have asked
Jump to new posts Re: 33 Master Rear Axle Gear Oil by 41specialdeluxe @ Yesterday at 05:21 PM

Terrill, They won't and you're just wasting yout money, but if you believe that it is so that then makes all the difference. Best, Charlie
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: Side Stainless by Headlighter @ Yesterday at 04:17 PM

I have a pair of the stainless crown mouldings that go on the top of the back of rear fenders for 1957 Chevy models 150 and 210. Group number 12.116, part number 4718254. These are complete with the backing plates and pins for mounting. NOS in ori
Jump to new posts Re: 6-volt Versus 12-volt discussion. Again by AntiqueMechanic @ Yesterday at 04:10 PM

1. I can't tell about the coil (6-volt versus 12-volt). If there actually is a difference. How do I test the voltage? Or just go ahead and replace it? 1. Purchase a 6-volt coil (a coil for the 1954 Chevrolet is a good choice). 2. Do I need the ba
Jump to new posts Re: 31 Phaeton by mike_lynch @ Yesterday at 03:53 PM

I don't think we have to be members of MENSA to figure out how to fold the top on a phaeton. I have never had mine down but it looks pretty straight forward. Probably best for 2 people , one each side , to do it for first time. The rear most b
Chevy Trucks
Jump to new posts Parking Brake Operation by Rusty 37 Master @ Yesterday at 03:11 PM

Yesterday we started reassembly of the parking brake mechanism on my friend's 1949 3100 (1/2 tom) pickup. We were fairly successful with getting everything back in place and connected. It was a little confusing because the assembly manual only show
Electrical - 6 volt
Jump to new posts Re: fuel gauge needle " jumps " by clement @ Yesterday at 03:06 PM

Thanks all. I will do some more investigating !! I just know in my 1950 the needle reads very accurately and has a very smooth motion. Never saw a needle " jump " like this one. Thanks for the great advice. To me it seems odd and obviously
Jump to new posts Re: 1936 interior dome light switch by trailerpark @ Yesterday at 03:02 PM

Thanks Mike!
New To Chat? - Questions?
Jump to new posts Re: 1930 Phaeton interior by Chistech @ Yesterday at 02:47 PM

I am one of LB/HC factory recommended installers. Just picked up a roof kit for a 31' Friday and they are making my 32' Olds DCR interior. They are definitely in business as of two days ago. I said to get in touch with LB because the op is from SA an
Jump to new posts 1937-38 Driver Side Rear View Mirror by timbeilby @ Yesterday at 02:29 PM

Does anyone have a 1937 or 1938 Chevy that has a outside rear view mirror mounted on the drivers side. If so please post a picture. Tim Beilby VCCA 5049
Jump to new posts Re: Water pump and distributor packing nut grease by Junkyard Dog @ Yesterday at 12:21 PM

Since it is a cup grease, the Texaco grease should work just fine.
New To Chat? - Questions?
Jump to new posts Re: 171 four by mike_lynch @ Yesterday at 09:40 AM

672----------------try posting your question in the proper section, this isn't it. try the 1916--1928 section or the 1916---1922 mike .............
Chev CARS & Trucks - For Sale
Jump to new posts 1957? Chevy panel truck $3500 by Rustoholic @ Yesterday at 09:36 AM

One ton panel truck seen in craigslist. Located in Los Gatos, CA. Owner is asking $3500. Cheers, Dean
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