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Jump to new posts Re: Hose clamps for 35 by wesb @ Today at 08:34 PM

Thanks Gene. Wes
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: Part needed by AntiqueMechanic @ Today at 07:47 PM

I will take an "in hands" look of the glue on rubber. It does not say what they glue to. Would they work on the SS shields that are available, will they fit the original backing plate? Lots of questions and no answers yet.
Jump to new posts Re: What can you tell me about the Superior K by jtroberts64 @ Today at 07:37 PM

Thanks for the input Rich. I'm certainly not looking forward to having to change all of that, hopefully I won't, but it is good news to hear that someone recently did it and was able to find everything they needed. Do you have pics posted somewhere?
Jump to new posts Re: 1948 chevy stylemaster - transmission by Mike Buller @ Today at 07:14 PM

Guys, It is almost impossible to find parts to rebuild transmissions. Ebay has a rebuilt transmission for sale for $1100 ebay transmission Sometimes you will find gears available on ebay like the one shown in your picture that slides on the clu
Jump to new posts Re: Fuel Problem ???? by SSR2004 @ Today at 04:43 PM

Originally Posted By: tonywSome have suggested a length of chain (secured at 1 end for retrieval) and give it a good shake. The chain will loosen any crud and make it easy to wash out. If there are baffles you may have to cut a small opening in the t
Jump to new posts Re: 1946 hood latch by ken48 @ Today at 04:30 PM

Had that happen on my 48. On the 47-48 models you could get a long thin screwdriver between the bottom of the hood and the top of the grill and push the release. Not sure if there's enough space there on the 46. Also I've got some photos of a hood re
PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts Rubber tire liners by blue38 @ Today at 03:48 PM

1 PAIR 17 inch center rim tire liners (inner Tube protectors) New still in original box. American made ,pure rubber 20.00 plus shipping.
Jump to new posts Re: Ignition quirk by Chipper @ Today at 03:10 PM

I used the coil supplied by the conversion manufacturer as compatible when my Pertronix failed. It was also connected exactly as recommended. Failed anyway.
Jump to new posts Re: 1936 gear type oil pump by Chev Nut @ Today at 02:11 PM

Chevrolet said they could make the tang larger and stronger by doing this. As long as the correct distributor is used it can be used in a 1935 or 1936. For a last year engine design the 1936 engine had many changes such as full length water jackets,
Jump to new posts Re: Gas gage issue by THRASHER @ Today at 11:04 AM

I wanted to give an update since all the help was offered. Checked all the ideas with no luck so now it's time to send the gage in for repair and hopefully that will be the solution.
Jump to new posts Roof replacements on '25-'30 models by jtroberts64 @ Today at 09:54 AM

Has anyone done roof replacements on 1925-30 model sedans? Would like to hear your story. How difficult is it? Where can I find the materials to do the job?
Jump to new posts Re: 32 horns by Junkyard Dog @ Today at 06:37 AM

Bench test them both together and see if they will work as a unit. If they don't work then the problem is not with the installation on the vehicle.
Vendors & Suppliers - Parts
I can also add a Pertonix failure to the list. Luckily it was a test unit that had been on the road for nearly 3 years but in the shop as a test engine for carburetor rebuilds. The engine was running fine at a medium speed when it just quit. Testing
General Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: New Website is LIVE - Feedback? by tonyw @ Today at 05:51 AM

That could be the reason, I click the "Mark all read" at the bottom each time but dont log out. Next time I am online I am logged in and forums with new postings have a yellow flag and the first new posting is at the top of the page. I have
Body - Sheet Metal, Paint & Wood
Jump to new posts Re: 1929 Cabriolet stripe color by cabboy @ Today at 05:09 AM

There are several site that list typical paint schemes for older cars. Most list US production. I was lucky with my Sedan as it had original paint so no guessing. My Cabriolet had enough original paint underneath on trim pieces to determine colours a
PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: DoRay 500 fog lights - Pair by roysboystoys @ Today at 05:09 AM

SOLD Thanks
Jump to new posts Re: Stainless Rocker Panel Moldings for a '48 Sedan... by 35Mike @ Yesterday at 06:59 PM

Mickey, I might have one side (which??) NOS. Maybe you could find the other one on eBay. I will try and get down to the chicken house in the new couple of days to see what I have. Mike
Jump to new posts Re: Oil Distributor Coupling Sleeve by Chipper @ Yesterday at 06:55 PM

Guess volklskier found another source for the sleeve or gave up. It is a shame that I went to the trouble of finding, removing, cleaning the sleeve and then get to look at it on my desk. Even sent a PM that has not been viewed.
Upholstery - Interiors & Glass
Jump to new posts Re: 39 Coupe rear quarter window and back glass tack by Brewskiehunter @ Yesterday at 06:37 PM

Hi Mike, Dropbox will give you 2GB upfront per email address you use to register. If you refer other people you can grow your account. My account is at 6GB thrum referrals works great and for more storage buy Dropbox business.
Chev CARS & Trucks - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Impala Convertible by 63novaandy @ Yesterday at 05:23 PM

Sorry I completely forgotten I had this up we sold that car several months ago
Jump to new posts Re: Replacing 1933 Master Closed Car Wind Wing Rubber by tomkrill @ Yesterday at 02:48 PM

Problem solved. Do not try to remove the rivet that the upper pivot point rotates on. The top of the rivet is actually the chrome cap at the top of the pivot point. Instead pull the rubber out of its channel up to the pivot point. You will see fo
PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts 1936 Panel/Surburban Seat Backs by OldBagpipe @ Yesterday at 01:11 PM

I have sold my trucks and have a pair of seatbacks available. They were out of a 1935 panel truck but I am told they are correct for 1934, 1935, and 1936 Panel Truck, as well as the Suburban. $200 plus shipping. Email me for photos.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: 1939 Chevrolet Master 85 JB engine splash pans by mongol @ Yesterday at 11:02 AM

Text me 323 528 9224 ill send pics
PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: King Pin set - 1939-53 car/truck- $27 by roysboystoys @ Yesterday at 11:02 AM

PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: 1955 Chevy body repair and service by Fischer Body by roysboystoys @ Yesterday at 11:01 AM

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