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Jump to new posts Re: Shift lever removal by Dave39MD @ Today at 11:16 AM

The two grooves are in all of the carbon style throw out bearings I have. I have the carbon bearings, nos forks, clutch fork balls, plates and springs if you end up needing something. Dave
Jump to new posts Re: 1929 Engine & Transmission Going Back In by BearsFan315 @ Today at 11:06 AM

Thanks !
Jump to new posts Re: Chevrolet 1931 Generator 194 CU by BearsFan315 @ Today at 11:04 AM

i just repainted and cleaned up the one on my 1929 can post pictures if interested, should be the same Generator or Really Darn Close
Jump to new posts Re: Clutch surface spec for '28 flywheel by Rustoholic @ Today at 09:11 AM

I am pretty sure the mounting bolts are correct. At least they match other flywheel mounting bolts from other '28 engines that I've had in the past. Upon further inspection, I've made two discoveries: There was NO pilot bushing in the end of the
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Jump to new posts 1928 seats by blue38 @ Today at 08:45 AM

2 bucket seats..Springs and mounting are complete and still retain some of the original floor wood . Both seats back fold forward on a hinged back. these are rusty orignals 100.00 plus shipping.. Greyhound
Jump to new posts Re: Wiring Additional Accessories? by 36RAGTOP @ Today at 08:16 AM

Originally Posted By: tonywIf you want the accessories to turn of with the key and need to get power direct from the battery or starter, use a relay controlled by the key which will not overload the factory system. A fuse between power scource and re
Jump to new posts Re: Timing gear cover seal replace. by Chistech @ Today at 06:27 AM

The diagram is for the original Chevy heater and that would be the correct one to install. Mine throws enough heat for my wife so that's saying something! They run quiet and they're always for sale cheap enough. I use a thermostat housing with heater
Jump to new posts Re: 216 spitting out coolant by Chev Nut @ Today at 04:55 AM

A pressure cap will not work on a 1939 or prior year as the overflow tube is in the top tank of the radiator and it will not hold pressure. If you run a 180 Deg. thermostat and clear water the heat in the engine will build up when the engine is shut
Chev CARS & Trucks - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: 1932 Chevrolet Roadster for Sale by jaw33 @ Today at 04:50 AM

For a frame up restoration of any '30's drop top Id say his appraisal and asking orice are correct. The question is how long will it take to get it. As Bill said, the younger folks (who are now the real people making up the majority of buyers) dont
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Jump to new posts Re: 1932 Chevrolet freewheeling tag by Bill Barker @ Yesterday at 11:55 PM

An ORIGINAL tag????? Wow... I think that you'll find them right next to the bin with the "Hen's teeth".... Sorry, I just had to do that. I have seen a couple of original tags. My impression is that the owners are not interested
Jump to new posts Re: Aux Electric Fuel Pump PSI??? by jaw33 @ Yesterday at 06:01 PM

Well my Son got it driving for the first time in 3 years and it seems good at 0.5psi. Awesome job!!! Full throttle response and smooth idle too. Ran low on gas so no time to take outnon main roads. Brakes were perfect as was clutch. All seems good s
Jump to new posts Re: Does anyone have this inspection cover? by m006840 @ Yesterday at 05:19 PM

It is I believe just a flat plate. The outline of it is visible in your photo so if you aren't able to purchase one perhaps you could fabricate it. I do have one on a spare bell housing. Send me a PM with you address and I can ship it to you.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts 1950 Hardtop Belt Line Clips by Hawkeye @ Yesterday at 03:57 PM

Looking for two clips for a 1950 hardtop. This clip hold a piece of S/S trim to the upper belt line where the roof meets the body. May be the same for 1951 or 1952 hardtops. Thanks
Radios, Tools, Accessories
Jump to new posts Chevrolet "Communication" 1971 12 packs by donsbigtrucks @ Yesterday at 02:42 PM

I have a set of 1971 Chevrolet "Communication" kits. I have all 12 of them - dealers received 1 per month. They have filmstrips and records along with misc printed material in some of them. $200.00 plus shipping Don any questions send me
Jump to new posts 64 ask impala convertible by mcvaca @ Yesterday at 01:21 PM

I have a 1964 ss convert impala colors white and aqua with factory AC cruz pw breaks pw windows 327 with auto trans tilt steer power roof is this a rare one it was orderd in OK city built in vannuys CA i found the biuld sheet under the dash pad thank
Jump to new posts Re: Brake Cylinders by Rusty 37 Master @ Yesterday at 12:41 PM

Hi Tim, It is interesting that you had the same experiences with Corvette brake calipers that I did. Just like you the only way I finally solved the problem was to have them bored and stainless steel sleeves installed. I am not sure I would equate
Jump to new posts Re: Maintenance Questions for 32 Chevy by MC32Chevy @ Yesterday at 08:57 AM

Originally Posted By: Chev NutDon't worry about it. It will be well lubricated. Most never got lubed during the life of the car. Thanks replying, Chev Nut. Upon further inspection, I may have made a mistake when reading the diagram (my eye's hav
Jump to new posts Re: 1931 Phaeton Top Boot by 1931Sal @ Yesterday at 08:48 AM

Hi Dave, so far I have just looked in the McMaster-Carr catalog. They have a large selection of rivets, but I think that you would have to buy to many just to do one top. Right now I am still looking.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: 1941 Chevy bolts by MoonshineMachine @ Yesterday at 07:28 AM

Found a nice pair of original motor mount bolts (wanted the correct hardware on this very original car). Still looking for that cowl vent bolt and a wiper transmission nut.
PARTS - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: 1936 Chevy Master Parts by Chev Nut @ Yesterday at 07:14 AM

Note that the Master generator is not the same as the Standard or truck generator.
Mechanical - Engine, Trans, etc
Jump to new posts Re: 1941 Front Shocks by MoonshineMachine @ Yesterday at 06:58 AM

Thank You, I found an NOS set on ebay and ordered them (also got fresh rubber boots from Chevs of the 40s). At least the front end is still removed and I currently have great access to work on the suspension. Now I just have to try and get the ali
Jump to new posts Re: Do I rebuild the engine or not? by chevy1937 @ Yesterday at 06:51 AM

You would need to put a modern rear end in it.
New To Chat? - Questions?
Jump to new posts Re: Car number or VIN for 1929 Imperial Landau by 29canada_il @ Yesterday at 06:03 AM

Thanks, cabboy. That should work. I will run with that. Really appreciate the advice.
Radios, Tools, Accessories
Jump to new posts Re: Adjustable wrench by canadiantim @ Yesterday at 05:40 AM

That sure makes it seem like there was a separate lug wrench and a tire iron. I would expect them to still be somewhat common if they shipped with every car. Will do some searches when I have a chance as VCCA member Dave Miner? had a website and doc
VCCA Judging Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Tires by Chipper @ Yesterday at 04:05 AM

I have the same problem as others with most of my Chevys. I accept a few point deduction. Whenever I was on Judging Teams I took off a few points for non-original tires. The rationale was that it was possible for someone to display a Chevy with tires
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