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Electrical - 6 volt
Jump to new posts Re: 50 speedo cluster by tonyw @ Yesterday at 10:13 PM

Any light globes (Charge light, oil press light, beam indicator, turn lights and illumination lights) would need to be changed but I think the rest would be fine with either 12 or 6 volts as they operate by flow not volts. Tony
Jump to new posts Re: 38 horn ring by Henrys37 @ Yesterday at 10:03 PM

Thanks, was just asking as I remember seeing one on ebay a year or two back and it went for 11 or 12 hundred. Just trying to get a realistic number. Again, thank you.
Jump to new posts Re: '31 Horn Rebuild by Chipper @ Yesterday at 06:55 PM

Though I have never tried it, I don't expect a quick test with 12 volts would crater the horn. The wire from the battery will be hot all the time. The other wire should go to the steering column and only be grounded when the button is pushed. You sh
Jump to new posts Re: '32 Starter Questions by Junkyard Dog @ Yesterday at 05:30 PM

The correct starter for your 1932 is a Delco-Remy Model 714L. Yes, your starter should only have two field coils but it does have four pole shoes. Each of the two pole shoes are for mounting the two field coils and the other two pole shoes do not
Body - Sheet Metal, Paint & Wood
Jump to new posts 49-50 2 DR FENDER by stefakicoupe @ Yesterday at 05:12 PM

i have a NOS fender for a 2-door am selling the guy asked me are they all,the same for any 2 door car i 99.9 sure they are all the same but it got me thinking are they can some one answer this for me thanks
Jump to new posts Re: 36 Temp Guage by brino @ Yesterday at 04:16 PM

"Ray, Your truck gauge would not be correct for this application." Thanks for that info Mike. I've had this NOS gauge in the original container since 1976 so I thought I'd offer it to him. If my '36 PU hasn't needed it in the over 50 years
Jump to new posts Re: NOS waterpump by Chipper @ Yesterday at 04:06 PM

The housing should have an outlet for a heater hose if '35 or '36. If the pump vanes are wider on one side vs the other it is a '35. If vanes are the same it is a '36. '37 and newer are different.
Personalized Modifications
Jump to new posts Re: Transmission Swaps by bobg1951chevy @ Yesterday at 02:22 PM

Originally Posted By: styleline51Thanks Bob, By linkage, I assume you mean the clutch free play adjustment? Bushings on shifter linkage and trans are pretty new (<1000 miles) and shift linkage is where it's supposed to be. Thanks for the ideas.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts bumper guards for 1967 Malibu 4-door by 1967Malibu @ Yesterday at 02:11 PM

Looking for front and rear bumper guards for a 1967 Chevelle Malibu four-door sedan. NOS or used in excellent condition. Appreciate the help! Andy 917-543-9477
Chev CARS & Trucks - For Sale
Jump to new posts Re: 1934 4door Phaeton - Rare Car by Junkyard Dog @ Yesterday at 01:48 PM

His asking price is posted in his ad at the beginning of this thread.
Jump to new posts Re: 1932 Holden Phaeton. by CraigA @ Yesterday at 01:48 PM

Hard to tell if the clothes pins are "wire ties" or there to, supposedly, cool the incoming gas to the carb. There are numerous explanations why it works but I have my doubts about all of them....... http://forums.aaca.org/topic/24931-
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: rear spring shackle for '32 by m006840 @ Yesterday at 12:40 PM

I'm glad to hear it. I do have a couple that are usable but not the greatest.
Jump to new posts Re: 1926 Chevy Spark plugs by Rustoholic @ Yesterday at 10:03 AM

Good find! Without a baffle, the water pump won't pump much coolant through the system. To see how I disassembled a '28 water pump, click on this link and scroll down the page: Resurrecting a '28 (water pump) While you have the water pump off,
Jump to new posts Re: rear leaf springs question by Junkyard Dog @ Yesterday at 09:55 AM

No. The original felts went inside of the end of spring shackle arms. If you use grease inside of the shackle pins you won't need the felts because the grease doesn't flow like the original heavy oil that was used in the shackle pins.
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: 1937 Chevy Master Business Coupe Horn Bracket by Billu38 @ Yesterday at 05:36 AM

OK..feel better now..thx. Gene...Johnjet pls send me a message if you find one..thx..Billu38
General Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: Who's birthday??? 12/16 by 41specialdeluxe @ Yesterday at 04:07 AM

BB, We do appreciate you and the others for the pioneering work. I have checked the first of those who you listed to see if I spotted anyone. Mr Mack and JD were on that page. Thanks for all your hard work. I'll for giving you a ten cent a week
It is some years since I looked at the electrics on my 38 but I think there is a fuse near the ammeter anyway. Tony
Jump to new posts Re: Picture of hood hinges...1948 Sedan by Chev Nut @ 11/17/17 06:51 PM

There are good pictures in the 1942 shop manual. Go to old car manual project and search 1942 shop manual. ('42-48 are the same)
Jump to new posts Re: 37 tune up by Chev Nut @ 11/17/17 05:39 PM

.040" is the factory gap for a 1937......stay with it. If you have a rough idle you have aother problem.
Jump to new posts 33 master running board D S by mike_lynch @ 11/17/17 05:11 PM

just spotted a 33 master running board drivers side on ebay listed tonight by seller TIGER JONES of conn. mike lynch
General Discussions
Jump to new posts Re: CAR CARRIER by bobg1951chevy @ 11/17/17 04:19 PM

Originally Posted By: kaygeeI believe you do not have to own an RV to belong to Good Sam, but if you google their website you may find out for sure. KG, I did send Good Sam an email, regarding insurance coverage, but have not received a reply thus
Chatter Information
Jump to new posts Major Chat Announcements Pending by Bill Barker @ 11/17/17 03:59 PM

Sometime over the next week or so, there will be a couple of MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS made here. This is an advance notice that you will want to check back here, especially next week. These announcements will affect ALL users on Chatter, including VCCA
PARTS - Wanted
Jump to new posts Re: 1933 Master, 1934 Master, 1935 engines still need by 1935EBHalfTon @ 11/17/17 02:16 PM

JonJet, good to hear from you. Those Head light buckets you sold me are working out well! Tom, Is the engine installed in your '32? Or is your '32 under restoration and you are in need of a '32 Engine? The folks on this forum will help find the prope
Chat Suggestions, Comments or Issues
Jump to new posts Re: For Sale and Wanted Articles by Bill Barker @ 11/17/17 01:43 PM

I just deleted 410 postings in PARTS FOR SALE that were posted before June this year. This included those sold as well as ones NOT sold. If you had one that didn't sell, you might want to create a new posting for it now.
Jump to new posts Re: Radiator hose leaking by swk1 @ 11/17/17 12:36 PM

Steve from The Filling Station here. Our source for hose clamps went out of business and we tried another supplier to keep up with the demand. These clamps, we agree, are unacceptable. We are pulling our stock and will give refunds to anyone that
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