Tutorial Videos for VCCA Chat

Chatter Help and Instructions FOR VCCA MEMBERS ONLY

Normally, you reach this page from a link in the Members area of the Chat site.
This web page is NOT listed on any of the public VCCA web pages.

After a video begins, you may need to scroll down in your window in order to see the VIDEO TOOL BAR at the bottom of the page.

Projector Select a Video below My Chair

Add 1 to 3 Photos to the Chat Members area Add the VCCA Logo to your Chat Profile
Copy a PHOTO to a Public Thread on Chat What are the Chat member Titles?
Add a For SALE posting Change your Chat PASSWORD
How to find a G&D FLIPBOOK Where is the Technical Area? (Library)
Where is the club store? How do I use the Technical Database?

<<This page is intended for VCCA members only,
since it describes functons that only VCCA members can perform in Chat.>>.

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