Here are items of interest for all members, as well as a summary of the major changes or additions to the site.

Jan - Mar
Web page updates - Updated BOD & MVP pages.
Hosting Performance Issues - Resolved Config. file error. Added URLS to banned listing.
New Outage Warning - Installed new Pingdom code to warn of performance issues.
Added Menu Page for OLD G&D issues - Added easy way to select all 1961-62 issues of the G&D to the Members Area.

New Email Routing - Created novel way for BOD members to route emails.
Major Upgrade to Contact Us page - Created automated OPEN/CLOSED notices to Editor listing.
Touring - Significantly added links and nav changes to Touring data and 10.4 form.
Server Move - Rehosted to an entirely new server for performance reasons.

New Member links - Changed navigation for more Direct Access to members's pages.
New Nav Menu - Built and installed entirely new Nav menu for
New Announcement page for 2016 Meet - Began to deploy 2016 Anniversary Meet web pages.
Expanded Advertising - Welcomed The Filling Station in additional forums.

New BOD web page - Added new Board page fed from database.
Expanded Members Library - Added more tech literature to Member Tech Library.
Dynamic Header - Changed from Flash to HTML5 Headers.
Best of the Best - Processed over 200 photos for BOB Committee to use.
Search Multiple Years - Created first draft of new XML data source to search across multiple months of G&D issues.

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